Ski and Snowboard School San Vigilio di Marebbe

Sport is important and stimulating for every child.
The ability to respond not only to physical development, but also to individual growth, is an important element to their development.

In this regard one of the most favorite and appreciated sports is certainly skiing: a discipline capable of combining contact with nature, fun, and the harmonious development of body and mind.
Naturally, in order to tackle this path correctly, it's of the utmost importance to follow these few but fundamental rules, which have always been suggested by the staff of the San Vigilio di Marebbe Ski & Snowboard School.


Children are advised to start with downhill skiing rather than cross-country. Not only for technical reasons, but also because it is the more playful and social way to learn and spend time with their peers.
Consequently to this choice, it's imperative to opt for the right equipment.
The first element is the helmet, which should be of the highest quality and have features suitable for every child. It's mandatory and essential for kids up to 14 years of age.
Regarding the choice of skis, they should be shorter than the height of the child by about 10/15 cm. There are a multitude of brands that offer different technical features.
As for the poles, holding them and standing without skis, the elbow joint must be at 90°, with the forearm parallel to the ground.
Obviously it is always better to go to a specialized store that can provide customized solutions. In this regard, the San Vigilio di Marebbe Ski & Snowboard School provides you with knowledge and insight into your children's needs.
Finally, goggles with double lenses and a sturdy structure, which should also be soft on the face, excellent boots (not too high), gloves and well-padded clothes are simple and essential elements to get started without too much clutter or difficulty .


What is the right age to start skiing?
Kids as young as 4 can participate in this wonderful sport, as stated by pediatricians, experts and athletes alike. Emulation and fun are a must for kids up to 7 years old to love the sport; while at ages 6 to 7, you learn the basic gestures and improve and refine your technique with lessons.
In this regard, teachers at the San Vigilio di Marebbe Ski & Snowboard School ensure constant care for all aspects concerning initial experiences on skis.
From correct posture and the first movements on the snow, to the way in which one approaches more complex technical gestures. Every detail is important to stimulate a child to do well and above all to allow you to enjoy moments with family, relaxation, fun, and letting loose.
Their task is obviously not only focusing on the technical and physical aspects, but the preparation of a good teacher also focuses on the psychological part, with the ability to convey the love for this sport and the right motivation.


Starting the day with a hearty breakfast is the right way to experience skiing.
There's nothing better than eating abundantly and savouring the local specialties of the mountains which will give you energy and recovery benefits, both at the beginning of the day and through a tasty snack.
In fact, small children get tired more easily and are more susceptible to sporting efforts and "pressure", even if mild.
For this reason, it is advisable never to start on an empty stomach or prolong the skiing for more than 1 to 1.5 hours without taking a break. This way you can rest and create playful moments among children, to make recovery more peaceful and joyful.

These few simple rules can certainly vary based on the character and needs of each child.
This is the attitude with which the San Vigilio di Marebbe Ski & Snowboard School teaches every "student". This is the most effective method which allows you to experience your first adventures in the snow in a personalized and ideal way.

Baby Snupper

Our school has designed specialized Baby Snupper courses to familiarize children ages 3 to 5 years with snow and skiing.                                                                                          

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Kids & Teens

We offer a wide choice of courses for young people. Lessons can be half day or full day, where children and teenagers can learn and perfect the technique and style with our teachers.

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Kinderland - day care

Our snow kindergarten is a day care and the perfect place where children can spend an afternoon full fun with our trained assistants!                                                                         

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Certificate of merit

Thanks to our service and quality standards, our ski school were awarded with numerous certificates. It is the only ski school in San Vigilio, which was awarded with the prestigious 4 crystals.

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